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We revolve around principles that prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our agents while maintaining integrity, professionalism, and excellence in our services.

Our founder, Brianna Marie, has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications with emphasis on Legal Studies. Ms. Marie has worked in various industries such as healthcare, technology, hospitality, and oil and gas where she held roles such as a marketing coordinator, corporate event planner, customer service representative, and a corporate communications specialist. We specialize in empowering individuals to secure fulfilling work-from-home opportunities tailored to their skills and preferences. Our comprehensive services include personalized job listings, expert guidance on crafting standout resumes and cover letters, and invaluable support in mastering remote work etiquette and productivity tools.

As the world shrinks and borders blur, our firm stands ready to connect you with unparalleled expertise and solutions from across the globe.

Trust. Loyalty. Diversity. Expertise.

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Expert guidance on crafting standout resumes and cover letters

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Curated job listings and targeted skill assessments

Recruitment consultant opportunities available

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Remote independent agent positions with our call center

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I’ve seen remarkable growth and success in my business as a independent agent with KSL. I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone looking to gain valuable skills that can be used in any industry.

- Connor Hamilton - call center agent

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As a recruiter, I strive to recruit talented individual to KSL be because they equip me with the appropriate tools to ensure I am successful at what I do.

- Amal Maalouf - Recruiter

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What truly sets KSL apart is their dedication to staying ahead of the curve. In an ever-evolving business environment, they consistently deliver innovative strategies and insights that have helped me succeed as an agent.

- Kin Gyun - call center agent

ks loyalty llc

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Hours of operation: M-F 8AM-8PM CST Saturday & Sunday by email only.

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